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About this event:

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Town Hall, High Street, Tewkesbury, GL20 5AL

Are you recovering from a mental health problem and find it hard to get going to do the things you want? Mental health problems can really affect your motivation and make it hard to do things that could help you get well. If you would like some support with this or you have already done some work on this with health professionals and would like to continue this yourself, this course is for you!

Based on tried and tested occupational therapy models of working, the course is a flexible and gentle way to support you to ease yourself back to into doing a bit more activity as part of your recovery.

Over 3 weeks the course will look at

  • What is motivation and how does mental illness affect it?
  • Where are you individually with your motivation?
  • Re-engaging with “doing “ and finding your energy
  • Developing hopes, goals and opportunities at your pace
  • Making it happen and keeping it going

The course will be a mixture of weekly group discussion and activity agreed with participants. It will be led by Swindon Mind working together with Severn and Wye Recovery College and people who will share their own lived experience of rebuilding motivation to help you.

You do not need to have done a Recovery College course before to join these courses. You should be using 2gether services or within a year of using our services, and be aged over 18.