Discovery College

for recovering younger people

Maddie at SWRC


“I’ve found it really good for learning new skills to aid my recovery. Meeting other people in the same situation as you makes you realise you’re not on your own. Anybody should give it a chance.”

Maddie, 22, attended the Gloucester Autumn 2013 course.

What is Discovery College all about?

Our Discovery College course is for people aged from 16 to 25, and is specifically tailored for the younger age group.

The course is run by peer trainers who have their own experience of recovering from a mental health problem.

Together we learn about the effect mental illness has on us psychologically and physically, and then go on to explore proven tools which can give us hope and relief, and help us to heal and move on. We will learn how to develop a positive mood, how to engage with the world through positive relationships with others and how to bounce back after adversity. The course is designed to fit your own learning style, so there are no direct questions or tests.

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Does this sound like the course for you?

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